Workflow Automation Platform for Google Workspace

Unlike not long ago when digital transformation was something to consider to stay competitive, now we are living in an era that digital transformation is a must do to stay in business. It’s not anymore about keeping a competitive advantage but it’s about business sustainability. 


As we see more and more companies of all sizes digitizing their work and their process, it’s only obvious that the resources implementing the tasks, i.e. developers, become more scarce. Not to mention that those resources were already scarce and very expensive. That’s why if coding is the only tool in your toolbox to automate and digitize your processes, you can almost be sure that many processes are not going to get digitized. You asked why?! It’s because developers are highly skilled (and paid) resources and it’s just logical to reserve them for the most important projects which normally are the bigger ones, and hence longer implementation time.

Built for Google on Google

That’s one of the main reasons why no code (and also low code) solutions have been gaining a lot of popularity amongst businesses of all sizes. Those solutions enable a whole set of new people in your organization to automate their processes without needing to consume time from your developers. As result, your developers are freed up to focus on the bigger and more complex processes which require coding.

For platforms like Office 365, there are a many good no code automation tools available which are heavily being used by businesses on Office 365.


However, if you are a G Suite user, you don’t really have many options. Your best bet would be finding an Apps Script code somewhere, and copy pasting it to your environment, hoping that it works. But then again if you wanted to make a small change, you still need to either know Apps Script or hire someone to do it for you. Yes, we were on the same boat up until recently, where we actually felt left out in terms of no code automation systems for G Suite. Don’t get me wrong, Apps Script is great and really easy to use, however, it’s still coding…

That’s one of the main reasons we set out to bring zenphi to G Suite users. zenphi is a true no code workflow automation platform built from the ground up for G Suite. Focusing on G Suite has enabled us to create a tailor made experience for G Suite, make it as easy as possible to automate your processes using G Suite products and also by connecting with other systems.

While zenphi is still young, it already has pretty much all advanced features in the business process automation domain and you can already automate a lot of scenarios without writing a single line of code. 

Whether it’s simple Gmail Mail Merge using Google Sheets as your data source and Google Docs as your email template, or a complex end to end employee onboarding system, you can already do it in zenphi. 

You already get deep integration with Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Slides, Google User Directory, Google Groups, Google Tasks, Google Drive, Google AI, and Slack out of the box and we are adding new integrations every week. 


You could also easily bring humans into your automated process by dynamically creating and assigning Approval Tasks to your employees. All with just a few drag drops.


You can have a look at our website and our Youtube channel to see a list of sample scenarios automated by zenphi.

However, let me quickly show you how zenphi is powering our Preview Sign Up process. We created the whole solution in less than an hour. 

The process starts with a Google Forms which is is embedded in the sign up section of our website 


Once the form submitted, an instance of a zenphi Flow watching this Form is created. At the very first step of the process, we dynamically generate and send a welcome email to the person who has submitted the form


We then go ahead and assign a task to internal employees to review the application and approve or reject it. We include the values received from the Forms in the task. 


If the application is rejected, we then send an email to the user letting him/her know. If it’s approved, we provision a workspace for the user by making a call to one of our internal systems and passing the user’s information.

The result of that call is the workspace name and url, which we use to generate a dynamic HTML, using a HTML template file we have our Google Drive, and sending it as body of the email to the user.


And here is snapshot of the whole Flow


zenphi comes with a Starter tier offering which is free and is going to be free forever.  The Starter tire is enough for most of the processes in smaller companies. We are hoping that by offering a generous free tier offering, we can help small businesses to stay competitive and grow.

So, click here to get your own personal workspace for free with just a few clicks. 

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